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July 1st 2020

SoPHE CIBSE Technical Bulletin

TB02: Rainfall intensities and drainage design for flat roofs

Published under the SoPHE Technical Bulletin in May this year, and authored by Dr Malcolm Wearing, the publication will provide you with an introduction to the selection of rainfall intensities for the design of flat roof drainage and internal pipework

June 28th 2020

The Dunning-Kruger effect

What Is The Dunning-Kruger Effect?

Quoting The Happy Neuron as published on the 12th May 2020, 'Put simply, the Dunning-Kruger Effect is the tendency for people to misjudge their abilities. People with less than average abilities tend to overestimate their true abilities, while those with higher than average abilities tend to not realize how much better they are.' E.g. while reading about the Dunning-Kruger effect you might quickly end up on top of the Mount Stupid, but while you start applying this retrospectively to your own experiences, one might find itself in the Valley of Despair with no way out in sight. Good news is, after you get over yourself and become an unwittingly expert on its applications, you will also unknowingly be climbing up the Slope of Enlightenment. Good luck and bon voyage!

Feb. 15th 2016

GIS Free Map Tool

Ordnance Survey Benchmark Locator for Greater London.

Ordnance Survey Bench marks (BMs) are survey marks made by Ordnance Survey to record height above Ordnance Datum. If the exact height of one BM is known, the exact height of the next can be found by measuring the difference in heights, through a process of spirit levelling. Most commonly, the BMs are found on buildings or other semi-permanent features. Although the main network is no longer being updated, the record is still in existence and the markers will remain until they are eventually destroyed by redevelopment or erosion.

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